The course on Supply Chain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the integration of AI technologies in the field of supply chain management.


Course Curriculum

All courses are taught by expert subject matters with some modules taught by industry leaders for practical learning and industry cases. Course content is in the form of videos, cases, projects, assignments and live sessions.

  • Module 1 :  Role of Supply Chain Management in the Organisation
  • Module 2 : Supply Chain and General Business Strategy alignment
  • Module 3 : Warehousing Strategy for Efficient Supply Chain Management
  • Module 4 : Inventory Management for Supply Chain Effectiveness
  • Module 5 : Strategic Logistics Alliances
  • Module 6 : Efficient Transportation & Customer Service Goals
  • Module 7 : SCM Developments & Strategy
  • Module 8 : SCM Quality Management
  • Module 9: SCM Performance Measurement
  • Module 10: Information Technology (IT) for Supply Chain Management
  • Module 11: Global Supply Chains and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
  • Module 12: Introduction to AI in Supply Chain
  • Module 13:Role of AI in Optimizing Supply Chains
  • Module 14: Logistics Management and AI
  • Module 15: AI-Driven Demand Planning
  • Module 16: Smart Warehousing with AI
  • Module 17: AI for Supply Chain Visibility
  • Module 18: Risk Management and AI

Acquire Knowledge

  • Advanced understanding of supply chain management principles.
  • Proficiency in the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.
  • Ability to identify and assess opportunities for implementing AI in various supply chain processes.
  • Skills in building and deploying predictive models for supply chain optimization.
  • Knowledge of risk management strategies using AI.
  • Insight into the ethical and regulatory considerations surrounding AI in supply chain.
1,100.00 AED
2,200.00 AED

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